Building A Bond Between Your Toddler And Your New Baby

pregnancy For most parents, when they’re expecting a second child, the major issue that concerns them is how they can make it easier for their toddler to adjust and accept his new sibling.

It’s a matter of confusion for most parents, as to how they will be able to balance out their love, time and affection between the two children without leaving any one deprived of the attention that he/she needs.

As parents, it’s you, who have to make the right moves or else the usual problem of sibling rivalry may affect your family. Teach your toddler to be gentle with the arrival of his sibling isn’t any Herculean task, and all that’s needed is some planning and the right actions at the right time.

Talk to your Kid

When you want to disclose the news about your pregnancy to your toddler, use some tricky words to make your child feel important about being an elder brother or sister. If you make your toddler feel that he is about to take on a new and more important role of being a big brother or sister, he is likely to act more responsibly and enthusiastically, on the arrival of your newborn.

Spend more time with your toddler and while you discuss things with him of his interest, you can always bring in the new baby into your talk so as to build a bond between your toddler and your new baby even before the new baby comes into the world.

Get your toddler to make suggestions regard the name of the new baby, and the child will feel even more involved. Also, when you’re planning the nursery you can let your toddler make choices about the little knickknacks that you need to decorate the nursery.

If you feel he cannot make the right choices, you can always boil down the number of choices to two or three and then let him make the final decision.

The idea is to keep your toddler involved in almost all arrangements to be done for the arrival of the new baby, and let your toddler remain involved even after the new baby has arrived.

Sidharth Thakur