Budgeting Tips – How to Save on a Work Wardrobe?

Going to work every day is tough, especially for women who have to come home and complete other chores too. As an added burden you need to think of your attire too daily.

Buying formal clothes is a huge investment so the key is to have a few essential pieces of clothing in your wardrobe and build your attire around these key pieces. Not only will this save you a lot of money but will also save  the time that you spend daily in front of your wardrobe.

The basics that you need to include in your work wardrobe include a pair of black trousers, a simple and classic jacket, a skirt and a dress. Though most women choose to wear black trousers you can always opt for other dark colors like grey, navy or even brown.

You need to have 3 pairs of shoes in your work wardrobe: the classic pumps, a pair of dressy shoes and a pair of sandals. These are the most essential items that you need to have; build you look around these items.

Once you have your key pieces of clothing you need to look into your wardrobe for other items to wear with these key pieces. Do not despair if you do not have the basic black; your wardrobe is probably build around a green or a brown.

Start with this as your basic color and build your look from this color. Mix and match your colors and fabrics as well as your look. Think of the skirts in the same manner as your trousers and match them with other articles of clothing in your wardrobe.

If you want to expand the choices in your wardrobe then look out for sales. Season ending sales, grand opening sales and stores going out of business sales always have great bargains. Take advantages of these sales to increase the number of formal clothes you have in your wardrobe.

Don’t feel shy to visit church garage sales and second hand shops to make your purchases. These places are treasure troves of great bargains. You will find brands and labels at rock bottom prices at these sales.

Make sure that you are always increasing your basic items purchases and build on these items only. Purchase tank tops and camisoles that you can wear under your jacket. Include a few prints in your collection gradually. Have an all black outfit in your wardrobe as it is the easiest to dress up in.

Purchase a few key accessories like a belt, a clutch, shoes, necklaces and a watch. These accessories will go a long way. Silk scarves and sweaters are another easy way to dress up a formal outfit. Now isn’t that easy?