Budget Options To Revamp Your Wardrobe

new-look-to-old-clothes When you are on a tight budget, fashion seems like the last priority. But there are some wonderful money saving strategies, which we will detail out here, to keep your wardrobe fresh and happening. You can savor stylish clothing, provided you know where to look for the most affordable things, for your wardrobe.

Instead of making fresh purchases at designer stores, think about repairing your old clothes, swapping your clothes with those of other people, borrowing clothes from designer stores and picking up some classics from vintage stores.

These are some economical as well as environment friendly ways to stay fashion forward, without hurting your bank balance. Here is a little insight into all these fantabulous options.

Old clothes, new look

There would definitely be lots of clothing in your wardrobe, which you’re not using any more because you’re tired of wearing them. You could take them to a local tailor to make some changes and give them a fresh new look, alternatively you can take advantage of some of the online service providers who are into this business. For your jeans, in particular, there are several online services that carry out patching, repairing, dying and other possible alterations, to give your jeans a brand new look.

Swap your collection

Swapping is a nice trick to avoid wardrobe fatigue, however when you swap your clothing with your friends or relatives it may not be quite an exciting affair, because you may already have seen their clothes over and over again. Instead, get onto the net and look for clothes swapping sites where there are lots of potential candidates out there wanting to swap their clothing. It’s almost like the old barter system; you give away your clothing and get the other person’s clothing in return.


Of course you can borrow clothes from your friends and relatives, but when you’re looking for some high end fashion, you can walk over to some of the designer stores which offer the borrowing facility. This is in fact a more practical idea for borrowing expensive accessories that you may just need for a single occasion, so you don’t have to buy things that run into a few thousand dollars, instead just pay a few hundred dollars and use it for a day or two. This facility is again available online; all you need is to dig up some online store that has what you are looking for.

Vintage clothing

There are scores of Vintage clothing stores, and all that’s needed is to step into one, to get hold of some terrific classic pieces at throw away prices.

Sidharth Thakur