Bubble Bath – Add Fun To Your Bath Time

Bubble baths can not only inject an element of fun into your boring bath time, it can even have a relaxing and comforting effect on you. The special oils used in bubble baths have excellent health benefits and can improve the texture of your skin. Now bubble bath products need not be purchased from your regular store. With these simple bubble bath recipes you can make your own exciting bubble bath.

Fresh Apple Bubble Bath Recipe:

Take four cups of distilled water in a clean plastic bowl. To the water add five drops of green apple fragrance. Now grate one bar of Castile soap into the water.

Add one and a half ounces of liquid glycerin and five drops of green food coloring. Pour the mixture into a clear plastic bottle and give the mixture a good shake. Pour some of this wonderful bubble bath concoction into your regular bath water and add zing to your bath time.

Tropical Delight Bubble Bath Recipe:

In a glass bowl blend four cups of distilled water with three drops of rose fragrant oil, two drops of jasmine fragrant oil, one ounce of liquid glycerin, one ounce of virgin coconut oil and one bar of grated castile soap. Mix the ingredients well and transfer to an airtight and clean plastic bottle.

Fragrant Rain Bubble Bath Recipe:

In a glass bowl, mix four cups of distilled water with eight ounces of unscented soap, seven drops of bergamot oil, and five drops of lime oil, three drops of vanilla essential oil and three drops of gardenia essential oil. Mix the ingredients well and store in a clean plastic bottle. This bubble bath recipe can leave you feeling refreshed.

Raspberry Bubble Bath Recipe:

In a plastic container mix four cups of distilled water, eight ounces of unscented liquid soap, eight drops of vanilla fragrance oil, six drops of raspberry fragrance and two drops of red food coloring. Mix the ingredients well and store in clean plastic containers.

Choco Delight Bubble Bath Recipe:

Heat one third cup of unsweetened soy milk. Add three ounces of grated dark chocolate. Stir the milk till it is heated but ensure that the milk does not boil over. Cool the milk and add one cup of unscented bubble bath mixture into the soy milk and continue stirring. Pour into bath water.

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