Brooches, Adding a Royal Touch To Your Style

Brooches have always been wonderful accessories that may seem relevant and to date if you can wear them the best way possible.

You don’t possibly have to use them the traditional way. You might have received a wonderfully ornate brooch as a family heirloom but you don’t want to use it the wear it was actually worn on your dress.

Try and find out ways and means to use it imaginatively and in style. A brooch can be best used as a hairpin. How about pinning the jewel studded brooch to your wonderful up do and you deserve accolades when you pin the ornate brooch to it. Use your judgment and with this unique look you are sure to garner many sticky eyeballs your way.

Of course brooches are not as good as Bob pins to hold your hair up and this can be managed with fixing the hair properly before putting in Bob pins. Why not try on a French Bun neatly done up and then put on the Broach at one side, so that the hairstyle as well as the uniqueness of it make you the winner.

Wear it on a shirt or a sweater or on a cardigan so that it shows really well. If you can fix it well enough, it should attract attention.

How about pinning the brooch on to an evening bag? You can attach it to a clutch or an evening bag. Use it subtly so that it contrasts the bag and goes well with your dress too. This creates a wonderfully zingy outfit as well. It could also help make a plain looking bag quite adorable too.

A brooch would look good when fixed to the belt buckle or attached to the bracelet to give it the look of a trinket that is oversize.

The belts are great embellishments for pinning on to scarves, to the hat or to the shoulder just to show off its ornate style. Brooches always tend to give you the unique look and a great feel of wearing something unique as well as the proud feeling of carrying the family heritage with you. Brooches if worn properly and with a style of your own can make you stand out among multitudes of well-dressed people.