Bring Sunshine Into Your Dad’s Life This Father’s Day

Father’s day ideas

Father’s day ideas Fathers are our greatest strengths. We inherit a lot of values and qualities from our fathers. At times of crisis we turn to our fathers for guidance, advice and wisdom. Most men and many women unknowingly imbibe their habits, mannerisms and skills.

We fondly remember those childhood days when our fathers used to take us on picnics on weekends or cook a hearty meal or going on fishing, to play badminton or tennis. Fathers often have to experience hardships to provide us with basic necessities and to bring smile to our lips. It is impossible and impertinent to repay our father’s love. But we can make this Father’s Day special for that important man in our lives—our fathers.

Father’s Day is celebrated worldwide to honour our father’s contributions in their children’s lives. In another words, this is the day to mark fatherhood and male parenting.

Good Spread

Whip up a meal for your dad this Sunday to surprise him and express your love. A homemade feast with his favourite items on the menu would be an ideal way the mark the day. If you have other plan during the day, let him wake up to a delicious breakfast in the morning.

Make a breakfast fit for a king. Fathers are as special as mothers and deserve recognitions as well. This is his day, so ask him what food he would enjoy and prepare accordingly. If the weather is nice, take out the grilling garb and accessories for a great outdoor meal. You may even bake something some your dad on this day.

Go on Picnic

Throughout the year we are busy with our work, socializing, paying bills and our children’s activities. And often forget the fact that our parents feel lonely and yearn for our company. So arrange a picnic with other family members for your parents to revive the carefree days of the past. Do not forget to take the hampers for the seniors as they used to do when you were small. If your father is active enough, you may indulge in some outdoor activities. Or pack some board games. Even if your Pa can’t take part in sporty activities, just watching the youngsters playing games will keep them occupied and happy.

Get Crafty

Dads really get emotional when they receive gifts from their children and if they are handmade, they are really touched. Get you crafting skill to some use and make something thoughtful and unique for your dad.  You can make him a beautiful card with a wonderful message, mentioning what a great dad he is.

Make his a shiny trophy with cardboards and papers with a message that he will proudly display on his side table. Make a collage with family photos from your holidays and birthdays. Or do a custom paint job on his hammer with beautiful motifs and his initials. Make a tool-box for him to rearrange his paraphernalia in a neat way. Make a desk accessory with the message `Best Dad’ that your dad will display on his office desk.


Renew your bond with your dad with some outdoor activities. It could either be some old passions or a new skill. Do keep in mind your dad’s stamina level and health conditions if you are seeking some adrenalin pumping thrills.  Reminisce events from your childhood days while lying under the canvas tent.

Skydiving is another great way to manhood while golf and fishing will keep you grounded with two favourite pastimes of men. Rediscover your neighbourhoods by walking with your father, or sit at the beach if you stay near a sea or visit a museum together. Explore the woods in unspoilt countryside on a cycle with your Pa.

Reminisce Childhood

One thing that fathers love is watching your childhood videos. This will help all of you zoom past the time machine in a jiffy. Watch youself holding a bat double your size and your father bowling. Suddenly CRASH and the neighbour’s widow pane gets smashed and both father and son running for cover!

Interestingly, if you play a childhood DVD of your own son to show your dad, that will also amuse him and make him younger. Pour over old photos with your dad and relive the days gone by. Talk about some holiday, or a wedding in the family or may be about the birth of a young member as you go through these pictures.

We often ignore the power of this. But simple conversations with your dad will also make him feel wanted. Tell him how he remembered the time you have spent together and how you value the things that he has done for you. It will definitely make him feel on top of the world. Tell him how you appreciate all the hardships that he has faced for you and the family.

No gift can really replace the power of showing gratitude. Tell a story or joke and while he is laughing, make a DVD. Listening to it after years will really make your heart fonder. Also take some memorable pictures with your father to add to the flavour of your fun time together.

Value Education

We imbibe great values from our fathers. So create a scrapbook and write down the lessons that your father had painstakingly, lovingly taught you when you were young. Decorate the book with ribbons, stickers, sketches, pictures—whatever you fancy. Then present it to your dad. The sparkle in his eyes and the smile at the corner of his lips will surely make your efforts worthwhile.


And finally give your dad a wonderful gift. It could be a t-shirt, a sweater, a perfume, a gadget,  a pair of comfy shoes, a lounging chair, a book, a DVD player, an i-pod, a mobile phone — whatever you feel like, depending on your father’s needs and lifestyle. More than the item, it is the thought that counts.

Fathers have given us life; they have given us immense love. And this is our turn to show them our respect, love and affection. So make this day extraordinary with feasts, activities and gifts. If more some reason, you and your father have fallen out of love, this is the day to patch up and hold his hands. Go out of your ways to make the day special for your father. And do not limit these activities for the father’s day only but do these often throughout the year.

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