Bring an End to Sibling Rivalry

Sibling squabbles are not unknown family components and in small measures, they are healthy. But often sibling rivalry gains such proportions that it becomes an issue to think about seriously. Whether you will like to accept or not, but parents do play the major role.

You can fuel it further or help to douse it. The incompatibility amongst siblings, if dealt with deftly and in good time, can be remedied. But proper diagnosis of what is going wrong and treating the issues sensibly and logically is to be done. After all, steps must be taken to ensure that peace is retained. All it takes are few simple steps, which when followed, make siblings treat each other better.

In the beginning itself, you must not forget that kids obviously do not have the maturity to understand everything as they are. Do not excessively criticize one child’s mistakes, especially in front of the other. Sensibility does not come to every child at the same time. Patience is mandatory.

The most vital step: do not compare. One child might be shy and the other more outspoken and you must deal with each one accordingly. Feeling of inferiority is almost always the reason for the growth of resentments and must be nipped in the bud. They must be made to understand that they are special in their unique ways.

Be generous with your affection. Make them feel loved and cared for in ample.

Instill the sense of responsibility and compromise in small bits. Teach them the joys of sharing.

If you notice improvement, praise immediately. Children loves acknowledgment and if they are applauded for their behavior, they will feel more encouraged to continue doing so.

Make the elder one understand his position in the family and also the younger one. Balance things properly in a way that the elder one does not always feel to be making the sacrifices.

Treat them as equally as you can. Do not be too severe on one and extremely gentle with the other.

Kids are more receptive than it is believed. Nurture their needs and see them grow up to be wonderful individuals.