Brilliant Garden Landscaping Ideas

garden landscaping ideas

garden landscaping ideas Some people are so fond of designing and decorating their garden that they are always on the lookout for brilliant garden landscaping ideas. Have you ever hit upon a brilliant landscaping idea?

If not then you should definitely read this article to know how you can make your garden a masterpiece. There are few things which you should not forget to do to give a stunning look to your garden.

Brilliant Garden Landscaping Ideas

Plan Beautiful Borders for Your Garden

You should build beautiful borders around your garden as these borders will demarcate your garden and separate it from the rest of the area. You can use stones, small evergreens and perennial ground cover to make simple but attractive borders.

Design Your Garden Around a Theme

You need to decide what kind of theme you want for your garden as garden themes have their own appeal. Have you thought of any theme that will make your garden different from others? If your answer is no then here are some pretty interesting ideas. You can think of building a butterfly garden, an herb garden or a knot garden.

The common thing shared by these gardens is that they occupy very less space. You should make a rough sketch of your theme idea before you start working on it. Your garden design will be affected by several factors such as light and soil conditions, weather, type of plants etc. You need to build a garden that can create a warm and friendly atmosphere.

Edible Landscapes

You can also think of planting herbs and vegetables in your garden. You can grow onion, tomato and garlic plants in circular patterns to increase their visibility. Growing basil and oregano in your garden is also a brilliant idea.

garden landscaping

If you wish, you can use gravel as growing medium for your plants but you should buy only those plants that are capable of growing and surviving in gravelly conditions. Plants like aromatic herbs, ground cover glasses and alpines are the best choices for a gravel garden.

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Rocks, Statuary, Water Features

Installing a water feature like pond or waterfall in your garden is also a very good idea as it will give your garden a refreshing look. You can put plants around your pond to give it a nice look. You can decorate your garden with stone gargoyles, pink flamingos, scare crow and lawn gnomes.

Build Walkways and Pathways

Walkways and pathways will give your garden a clean and neat appearance and allow you to enjoy the beauty of your garden. You can also grow small plants along the two sides of walkways. You need to install solar lights in your garden so that these walkways can be used during the night time.

These walkways will also give protection to your garden and lawn. You should use contrasting colors and textures to increase visibility of your pathways. You should consider the style of your home and garden while planning the shape of walkways and pathways. Remember, walkways play a very important role in your home’s overall landscape.

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