Bridal Makeup – To Look Stunning On Your Wedding Day

Bridal makeup is very different from every day makeup. After deciding on the perfect wedding gown and other wedding accessories a bride should turn her attention to the wedding day makeup. The right kind of makeup can make any bride look stunning.

Before deciding on the type of makeup you are planning to wear on your wedding day, you need to make your skin look super smooth and glowing. Blotchy skin or skin eruptions can spoil your entire look. The secrets to a glowing skin are a healthy diet, adequate exercise and drinking plenty of water.

A strict regimen where these three factors are religiously followed, at least a couple of months before your D-Day, can assure you of a wonderfully healthy and luminous skin. To improve the general skin quality, go in for organic facials and some relaxing massages as well.

On your wedding day, your skin tone is evened out with foundation. Liquid foundations are ideal for women with dry skin, while a powder foundation can be applied for normal to oily skin. The foundation should be blended thoroughly so that it does not look patchy.

After applying foundation, concealer is used to hide any under eye dark circles. The concealer you apply should match your skin tone. Once the foundation and concealer are in place you begin with your eye makeup. Wedding day eye makeup should light up your eyes and make them look absolutely gorgeous.

Eye shadow which acts as the perfect foil to your unique eye color is applied first. Eye shadows in taupe and ivory shades look best on your wedding day. Avoid eye shadows in metallic colors. Define your eyes with an eyeliner. Here again you can choose between pencil and liquid eyeliners.

Draw further attention to your beautiful eyes with a coat of mascara. There is nothing more alluring than thick curling lashes. Mascara can also give your eyes a wide open look. A hint of color on your cheeks can turn you into the typical blushing bride. Blushes in rosy or peachy hues are best for your wedding day. Subtlety is the keyword for your entire wedding makeup.

For a sensuous mouth, apply long lasting transfer resistant lipstick, with a touch of lip gloss for some added sparkle. To get your perfect wedding makeup look, it is best to hire a professional makeup artist.