Bridal Makeup Tips And Ideas

A woman holds many precious desires for her wedding day which are as important to her family and friends. Being the cynosure and looking the best she has ever looked is what the bride desires for her wedding day and these memories are to be kept and cherished for ever.

The bride remains in anticipation mixed with excitement and nervousness for her wedding day and the new life beginning thereafter. Hence being prepared beforehand by planning well for the wedding day minutely helps the bride to look her best on her most special day.

Once the wedding day gets fixed the countdown begins. It is recommended to get prepared gradually by taking extra care of the skin, avoiding sun burns and also start following certain special skin care routines which will bring a lovely glow to the skin until the wedding day arrives. The skin, hair, hands, feet all must be groomed well as external makeup is not enough to make one look really beautiful.

The wedding trousseau must be selected carefully including the bridal dress which must be suitable to one’s physique and complexion. Prior planning of which accessories are to be worn along with the bridal purse and footwear are all equally important. Remember a bride must try to look perfect from head to toe. It’s always best to carry out a dress rehearsal to find out loopholes if any which can be fixed beforehand rather than getting panicky on the wedding day.

For the D-day do the facial makeup first followed by getting into the bridal dress and the hairdo to be done at the end as hair tends to become clumsy. First prepare the face, neck and arms with a thick foundation and then even it out with face powder which will give a smooth finish and a base for the makeup to be held well throughout the wedding.

Concealers parallel to the foundation tone and a neutral base for eye makeup must be used. Remember using gaudy makeup may not make one look beautiful but doing the makeup intelligently remaining close to natural look may enhance the makeup much more.

One can go for pastel colors if the wedding is during the warmer months and bright colors for the cooler months. Use soft, gentle shades of red and pink for thin lips while darker shades for the fuller ones.

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