Bridal Bouquet Ideas

As the blushing bride sashays down the aisle, all eyes take in her exquisite wedding gown and the attractive floral bouquet in her hands. Beautiful bridal bouquets, that portray a bride’s unique personality are much sought after.

There are a variety of bridal bouquets you can choose from, which range from the traditional to the contemporary and inimitable bouquet arrangements styles.

The round or nosegay bouquet is a standard bridal bouquet arrangement. These bouquets can be easily recognized by the circular arrangement of pastel or white flowers encircled by greenery.

Another traditional bridal bouquet is the cascading bouquet arrangement, where flowers cascade downwards from the main arrangement. The flowers commonly used in the cascading bouquets are calla lilies and roses. A fair amount of foliage is used in this bouquet to achieve a sense of balance.

The modern brides prefer to carry a contemporary bouquet. These unique bouquets are both trendy and elegant with a sharpness to them because of the unique shaped flowers which are used in this arrangement. For a casual themed wedding a simple hand tied bunch of fresh flowers looks absolutely gorgeous.

Another contemporary style in bridal bouquets is the arm bouquet. These bouquets range from the simple to the exquisite. If you want a contemporary, minimalist look, then do away with the bouquet and carry a single beautiful flower in your hands. Another contemporary styled bouquet is the kissing bouquet also known as the pomander ball. These bouquets are identifiable by a large ball of flowers held together by a ribbon and which is suspended from the bride’s wrist.

If you want to do away with fresh flowers completely, then opt for silk bridal bouquets which use artificial silk flowers instead of fresh cut flowers. These contemporary bouquets are easy to carry and you do not have to worry about the flowers withering. Fans, teardrops,crescent and wreath shaped bouquets are some other examples of contemporary styled bridal bouquets.

If you want an unusual bridal bouquet display, then the options are limitless. You can make bridal bouquets from peacock feather, origami flowers, leaves and twigs, fruits, Christmas ornaments and even make ones from crystals and semi precious stones.An attractive bridal bouquet will make a bride  look even more beautiful on her wedding day.