Breast Reduction Surgery

Having big breasts is great, but having large pendulous breasts can be troublesome. On one end we have thousands of women who want to make their breasts bigger, and on the other there are hundreds, if not thousands, of women who are facing problems because of their over sized breasts. When your breasts are too large opting in for a breast reduction surgery makes absolute sense because it’s not just a cosmetic problem, it’s a medical problem. Oversized droopy breasts look ugly, but what’s more they can cause some significant damage to your neck and your shoulders, resulting in lifelong skeletal deformities.

The surgery

Breast reduction surgery, or what is also known as mammaplasty, holds an answer to the problem of over-sized breasts. This surgery involves removal of extra fat and breast tissues from the breasts. In some cases the some part of the breast skin may also need to be removed, to prevent them from sagging. Also if the nipples and the dark skin surrounding them have become too large, these may also be trimmed down during the breast reduction surgery. The overall objective is to make the breasts smaller, shapelier, firmer and more proportionate to each other and to the rest of the body.

Ideally a breast reduction surgery is performed only if the breasts are excessively large, sagging and if they are likely to cause any other medical complication. In case you are breast feeding or are likely to breast feed in future, breast reduction surgery is not advisable for you. During the surgery some of the milk ducts may have to be removed, which can cause problems in the formation of milk in the breasts.

The risks

Breast reduction surgery is no simple surgery and thus should be handled by a skilled surgeon only. The regular problems like bleeding, thrombosis and infection are always likely, so do follow the after care program, as advised by your surgeon. Minor scaring and development of sores, resulting from a breast reduction surgery, are often treatable with topical ointments and anti-inflammatory drugs. You’re not likely to develop any serious scars as the surgery is performed by a plastic surgeon, but yes notable deformities like disparity in shape and size, change of nipple shape and change in skin texture are common.

Sidharth Thakur