Breast Enlargement Pump

Breast enlargement pumps, based on suction, are gaining popularity as more and more women are on the look out for safe natural and non surgical ways to make their breasts bigger. Breast enlargement pills and topical creams have all been noted for side-effects and so most women just want to avoid such unhealthy ways of breast enlargement. On the other end surgical breast enlargement is out of budget for most and these too leave behind problems. But as for breast enlargement suction pumps, they are fairly economical and don’t leave you with any significant side-effects.

How do breast enlargement pumps work?
The basic principle on which these breast pumps work is causing the tissues to expand by using suction pressure. The suction causes the breast tissues to increase, and thus without any medication or chemical exposure you are able to get bigger breasts. Breast enlargement pumps have come into the market only of late, but the method of using suction pressure to make the breasts bigger has been in practice for more than two decades. Earlier it was mostly done in clinics, but now you have the convenience of using them at home.

The suction pressure used in these pumps is very gentle and sustained, and not sudden. This slow and gradual building of suction pressure causes the breast cells to split and form new cells. If you want quick breast enlargement then breast pumps are not for you, since some visible change in size may be apparent only after 15 to 20 days. But the lovely part of using a breast enlargement pump is that you can go up one or two cup sizes, without actually harming yourself.

Using breast enlargement pumps
Every breast pump comes with its own usage specifications, however in most cases you are supposed to fix on the suction pump to each of your breasts for about 10 to fifteen minutes. Some also recommend using the pump at least twice to maximize your gains, but surely using it more than two times won’t be beneficial, since the breast tissues need some time to recuperate. Also using the breast enlargement pumps too often or for too long as it can lead to temporary discoloration of the breast skin.

Sidharth Thakur

  • Dear Sir / mam

    i would like to discus you regarding my personal problems that my husband is never happy with me because of my small breast, he like my breast should be 32D, it is very difficult for me, because now my size is 32 A and try lot of medicine but no effect, and I am very fade up to my life. because my husband does not having sex with me just because of my breast. and no any singe man is looking at my boobs i feels very shame that time. could you please suggest me how to enlarge my boobs.
    if my boobs become a big, that day will be happier day of my life.

    Thanks & Regards.
    Aarthi sameer