What All To Eat At Breakfast To Stay Young And Slim

I just read something very interesting. In these days when the whole world is concerned with aging and anti aging techniques to stay forever young this tip comes as almost a Godsend. It says, eating a diverse meal with nutrients will keep the age you look at least four to five years less that what your age really is. Now isn’t that fascinating?

I also found out that taking a meal of skim milk and fruits or fruit juice at breakfast helps to keep over weight people healthy by reducing their weight and also maintaining the weight of non-obese people. Just fine, a glass of skim milk and a bowl of fruits and you are ready or the day. But do not commit the crime of leaving for work with an empty stomach just because you don’t feel like eating anything in the morning for the fear of gaining weight.

You are in the wrong because the more you tend to skip your breakfast the more is the chance of gorging down during the lunch hour which adds to the body weight almost double. Choose what you have to eat at breakfast very carefully. If you drink skim milk instead of fruit juice at breakfast you are obviously taking in lesser calories because there is almost nine per cent fewer calories that you are taking in with the skim milk.

The people who drink milk during breakfast eat less at lunch. You can have a glass of milk with toast and margarine or jam at breakfast.

Breakfasts like that did supply calories but in spite of the fact the people who drank milk seemed to eat less at lunch. Milk contains eight grams of protein in one serving and juice has less than one gram in one serving. Protein helps to control the appetite but carbohydrates do not do that much. Milk is more satisfying as a drink to many too.

If you are not much into milk your have some options too.There are some more normal balanced meals with appetite controlling nutrients like protein and they help to keep your weight low too. How about such mouth savoring delicacies like the hot cereal wheat berry which has seven grams of fiber and fourteen grams of protein? The Egg also makes up a part of the breakfast meal.

You would also get 22 grams of protein from a smoothie made of banana, cocoa and soy protein. These are all diverse protein meals that I was talking about in the beginning of this write up. So go on and change the eating schedule for breakfast if you have not been into it already. You would feel yourself, lighter and younger in a short while.