Break Free From Fashion Problems

fashion Stuck in fashion problems? Wondering what’s cool to wear and hip to look at? We have answers to all your questions! Read on for more!

Style Check: You can choose anything from shirts, fitted-pants, shirts, dresses or casuals. To look funky, tuck your tee. Skinny leg jeans are in. You can wear them with high heeled, knee length hunter shoes. You could team it up with a chic bomber jacket and a funky belt. This is the all ‘new’ look!

Fabric Allure: Go in for bold stripes or polka dots. Textures like leather, velvet, lace or silk are much in vogue. Silks and cottons also look nice.

Color-Wise: Rework colors- colors allow you to be different in the real sense! Go for unconventional color combinations. Teaming up purple with fluorescent yellow, turquoise and electric pink or black are funky, wacky colors you can experiment with!

Accessories It Right: Accessories are the key thing to your style statement. You can wear anything from rubber bracelets, chains, and costume jewelery. Bright colored wooden or glass bangles look super-cool!

Foot Fantasy: Go for the strappy look which is truly in, this season. The peep toe style is the perfect shoes top flaunt for pedicured feet!

During Day Time: Combine light colored formal shirt with a trouser at workplace or a white short dress, in case you’re out at a brunch party. Accessorize it with bangles.

At Night: Wear a bright dress teamed up with even brighter shoes! You can also go in for the corsage, pinning it on the shoulder.

For Office: Wear a knee length light colored dress. Team it up with an elegant leather bag and wedge heeled shoes or formal pump shoes. A formal waist coat will complete the look.

Hope these fashion tips will help you make the right choice at the right places. Be elegant and yet, keep it stylish!


  • I love that dress, she is very cute in this dress.