Boyfriend Is Cheating – Read The Hints

Every relationship is based on mutual trust. Though, often one of the two in a romantic relationship breaks this trust by way of cheating on the partner.

So, if you doubt that your boyfriend is cheating on you, read the clues or hints that he and his body language are unknowingly giving to you.

The first and very noticeable factor that may point at his disloyalty towards you is the time factor. If he suddenly starts spending more time at work, at the gym or with his friends then it is matter of concern. He may also start spending less time with you. Though, spending less time with you or more time at work may also be good hints which mean that he is serious about the relationship with you. But if the time spent away from you is unexplainable then you certainly have a reason to worry about.

Start noticing if he has become more irritable lately and finds faults and criticizes you at every instance. He may also remain absent minded while spending time with you. You may also notice a lack of intimacy in the relationship. He may not show any interest in initiating physical intimacy and may also avoid it by giving excuses.

The behavior of a man cheating on you can be of two types. Either he is criticizing, argumentative, questioning you on your loyalty now and then or becoming defensive at being questioned himself, or he is too nice with you, showering extra attention to you. Many even become guilty conscious while being disloyal.  In such a case, he would look sad, stare at no particular thing with an absent mindedness, start stammering in front of you and try to avoid making eye contact with you.

If your boyfriend is cheating on you he will also not let you touch his mobile phone. He will keep it hidden from you, will sleep with it and will turn off the ringer when he is with you. He will not receive any call in front of you or will walk away to receive a call so that you are not able to hear the conversation. He may also start receiving calls at odd hours.

There are innumerable hints that may disclose your boyfriend’s disloyalty. So, trust your gut instincts and try to read the hints to understand if he is cheating on you.

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