Bouncy Hair Styles For Thin Hair

Hair styles for thin hair can be found in plenty, but you must first determine your hair type. Do you have thin hair? Here, thin refers to the thickness of every single hair that comes from your scalp.

You may have thin hair which is thickly packed on your scalp or you may have thin hair which is thinly packed.

In the former case, your thin hair may look thick because of its dense packing and in the latter case, your hair is sure to look even thinner than it actually is, for its sparse packing. Thin or fine hair is very soft and looks good, except for its volume.

Fine thin hair styles can be designed to suit your hair type. Make sure that you grow your hair long, in order to make up for the lack of volume. You can have your hair cut in layers so that it looks somewhat thick. Wash your hair frequently with shampoo and conditioner so that it is clean and shiny.

Short thin hair-styles are also a good alternative. You better consult a good hair stylist who is sure to give you good advice about your hair, depending on its length and growth. You can choose to have a feather cut if your hair is short and fine.

The crown comes a little more thick and can be styled using a good hairbrush. The bob cut is the most common and would probably the best bet for thin hair. You can have a layered bob or a straight bob, according to its suitability to the shape of your face. The bob is sure to add make believe volume to your hair. Another popular hair cut for thin and fine hair is the pixie cut.

You also have the option of wearing your fine thin hair naturally curly and short. Alternatively, you can choose a rumpled and rough look with your curly hair styled in any direction. You may also comb your hair in a serious style and this is sure to give you a feminine and lovable look. The layered look is the most preferred for thin hair.