Boredom- The Silent Killer

It may have been a common issue with lot of people in childhood that when they felt bored and conveyed that to their parents, the reply they got was that boredom is a feeling hidden deep in ones own, and only that person has to find a way to fight it. The reply was true, it is always for that person feeling bored to find ways to keep themselves engaged and keep their lives busy with some or other interesting works that adds value.

A recent scientific research proves the fact that those childhood advices on boredom were more important than they were realized at that time, even by the parents who gave the advice. The study suggests that even though the feeling of boredom maybe seeming to be quite harmless but in the long run it can prove damaging for the health, whether it is with a particular relationship, or work, or life in general.

The study that was conducted by “University College Londonclearly states that people with high level of boredom are twice more likely to be dying young compared to those who doesn’t feel bored in the same level.

Researchers say that boredom itself may not be lethal. However, it triggers a number of negative feelings in people such as harmful behaviors like excess drinking or heavy smoking and even consumption of drugs, and even depression. These negative traits lead to chances of stroke and heart attack.

There are a number of old celebrities who are still loving their work and diversifying their roles in life to keep them engaged and live healthy and ripe. A person does not even necessarily be a celebrity to have fun with life –there are a lot of options for the commoners as well I our day to day life to keep one engaged and enjoying what life has given us by celebrating the theater called life.

Getting involved in new activities and finding tie out from the schedules of our day to day lives can be very interesting and can take us a long way in finding life really interesting.

There can be a lot of interesting social activities and other interests as well to choose from. The trick is however to find out and choose the activities which one finds interesting and helps them to tick in the right way.

One last point of advice will be to keep oneself open mined to new ideas and opportunities and always look for some or other value addition to one’s experience in life.