Boost Up Your Spirits!

boost-up-your-spirit We rarely get a whole day without going through a bad patch. Actually the complexities of the present world do not allow us to cherish a good mood for a long time. Dr. Randy Larsen, a Psychology Professor at Washington University in St. Louis says that every three days’ interval bad mood can affect a person. Dr. Larsen and Deborah Maragopoulos, nurse practitioner and founder of Genesis Health Products brings home some advice to boost up your mood.

The sunny effect:

According to a latest article in the journal Lancet, sunlight increases the brain’s production of serotonin. Alternatively dull weather causes depression. At least 20 minutes of sunbath in the morning can cure Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). Moreover sun’s healing power is known to us from the ancient days. Sun can increase our immunity power. It also destroys harmful bacteria and prevents cancer.

Love talk:

If you discuss your problems and difficulties with your loved ones you would certainly feel better. Researches also proved that close bonding at least with one person gives rise to optimistic attitude. Spending time with family or loved ones makes the life meaningful

Fun and pleasure:

Playing our favorite games or doing the childish things can boost up our energy as well as mood. Do whatever you want to do so that in future you don’t regret for those things you wanted to do but you didn’t.

The laugh therapy:

In this case make your children your teacher to learn laughter from them. There may be a lot of trouble in your life; if you laugh whole heartedly you would able to solve your problems positively. With laughter brain produces endorphins which make you feel better. Laughter is the best medicine for hyperventilation, regulates digestion, blood pressure. Enzyme d-lysozyme which is produced by laughing, affects our immunity system positively.

So whenever bad mood attacks you fight it out with above mentioned tips.