Boost Up Your Sex Life

sex Your sex life is undoubtedly the most important part of your life. So, if you are not experiencing a healthy sex life, you probably need help. Here are some tips to ensure a healthy sex life and to boost it up!

Talk It Out: Talk out with your partner if anything regarding your sex life is bothering you. Talking always helps.

Fantasize: Fantasize with your partner and tell him how would you liked to be touched! These simple things give a high adrenaline rush and results in better sex!

Eat Healthy: A lot of protein in your diet is necessary for a good sex drive. Chocolates are the best way to indulge in the mood. Also, take a pinch of garlic in your daily food.

Flirt With Your Partner: Flirting will give you immense pleasure and a strong sexual drive. Try naughty phone calls, touch each other in a sexy way and garnish it with a little bit of teasing! Try getting nude and looking into the mirror! Explore each others body.

Watch Sexy Movies: Watch sexy movies (not porn, thank you!). These amounts for a lot of sex drive. Watch gorgeous naked men in those movies and fantasize!

Wear Sexy Lingerie: The most important part of sex is to feel sexy from within. Wear sexy lingerie and seduce your partner! If you have that perfect body, flaunt it!

Light Aromatic Candles: Aromatic candles are great source of sex energy. These come in various flavors, such as vanilla, strawberry and different essential oils as well. Turn off the lights and light up these candles to make the environment exciting!

Exercise: Exercise helps in the release of various hormones which are responsible for sex drives. So, work out about 20 minutes a day and get into the mood!

Body Matters: Walk naked in front of your partner. Nothing works better than this. Few men are lucky to see their partner completely naked. This gives them a quick adrenaline rush which results in better sex!

Foreplay: Don’t directly reach out for the climax. Experience the pleasure of the foreplay. Kiss all over each others body. Lick your partner’s ears and give him small pecks on the lips. This will leave him wanting more of it!

So, try out these exotic ideas on your partner to ensure a healthy and exciting sex life even after years of marriage!