Body Wave Perms

Body-wave is an extension of permanent waving. It provides softer and wider waves to the hair. When a tight curl is not desired, body-wave treatment is preferred to lend setting ability and body to the hair.

This helps in maintaining the hairstyle from one shampoo to another. Hair can be given wide and soft waves for flattering result.

Benefits of Body Waves: Body waves lend body to the hair; wide waves do not make the hair ends frizzy and rough; hair becomes more manageable; hair can be arranged in a number of styles; the hair styles last longer and lastly body-wave perm lasts longer and the waves smooth out very slowly.

Material required for Body-wave Perm: All the implements needed for a normal permanent wave formation would be required, the only difference being the curling rods. Straight curling rollers are used to give symmetrical waves all over the head. Thick end straight curling rods are used for the sides and the crown area. Medium sized curling rods are needed for the centre of the head. Thin, straight curling rods are used for the nape area.

Procedure: Normal procedure of permanent wave should be followed except when you begin rolling hair on the curling rods. For body wave perm, hair wrapping starts from the front section. Then the crown and side hair curled. Nape area has to be rolled last because small rods do not make much time to curl.

Development of waves has to be closely watched during the processing time. Curl test should be done frequently as in the normal procedure for a permanent wave. Each curling rod should be thoroughly saturated with neutralizer lotion to seal the waves. Retain the lotion for 15-20 minutes. Rinse and condition well to normalize the hair texture. And then set hair in any style.

Guidance for maintaining perm: A good perm lasts for three to four months. Never use any hair color to rinse immediately after the perm; it can harm the hair shaft. Don’t use even a herbal dye like henna or sage till at least a week after permanent waving. Hair must be conditioned after every shampoo and once in a month, protein conditioning must be done.

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