Body Polish, Is It Required For Your Skin?

A body polish is a treatment of the body that helps to hydrate and exfoliate the skin and it leaves soft and smooth. This body treatment is much in vogue and it is a facial for the body. This should not be confused with another type of treatment called the massage. They use a lot of materials for the Body Polish – like pecan hulls, rice bran, coffee grounds, sugar and salt. It is usually mixed with essential oils and also aromatic essences. After the exfoliation, body lotion is used.

Body Polish usually happens in a place called wet room. It has a drain and you have to use underwear and also use a plastic sheet and place the person on a wet table. The person has to be rinsed off after the body polish is applied. The therapist would have to rub the exfoliant on the whole body. It has to be rubbed on the arms, the back, the feet and legs. You are covered with a sheet and a towel.

After the therapist is doe with the job of body polish, you have to step into the bath and then the shower is to be put on. You don’t have to use the gel because that would keep the aromatics and the oil on the skin. The treatment goes on and it is done with a shower that is hand held. The therapist makes arrangements while the body polish is going on. The person lies on his stomach on the table . Then the body oil or lotion is applied.

In some cases the body polish is removed with a steamed towel and not removed under the shower. It is body wrap that happens first and it is often a mud wrap or a seaweed wrap. The body polish can be combined with a massage. The body polish is much invigorating and the message helps to get calmed down. There are some customized treatments for body polish that keeps you charged throughout the day. Some exfoliants and salt are abrasive to the skin and many people have a sensitive skin on which the exfoliants feel too harsh.