Body Language Of Men – What It Means

Women are not the only mysterious creatures who can never be deciphered. Men can be equally intriguing when you are trying to figure out what their actions and expressions truly mean.

Once you unlock the mystery, you can instantly tell if the guy is interested in you or not. One of the most obvious body language that tells you that he’s interested in you is the way he looks at you. If you ever catch him watching you when you weren’t looking at him and if he quickly turns his gaze away, it means he holds some interest in you and is interested in you in some way.

When he is truly interested in you and not looking for a fling, as in, really into you, you find himself never flirting with you and makes himself look as clean as possible. His smile seems warmer and is more gentlemanly towards you than you’d expect him to be with other women.

Watch out for the eyebrow flash. This is the most basic signal you can catch from a guy who is interested in you. An eyebrow flash is when you can see his eyebrows raised when he looks at you or talking to you. This is one of the earliest signal that shows he likes you.

It might be hard to believe but no matter how flirty a guy seems with others, when he’s with the girl he likes, he suddenly begins to blush and fluster. You can also notice his Adam’s apple bobbing more often than usual. He might also become clumsier than usual.

Some guys have a natural way of showing off their masculinity around the girl they like. You can notice them suddenly standing up straight with their chest tucked outside, hands to the side and looking proud.

Another obvious behavior you can notice in the guy who likes you is the strange tactics he resorts to in order to get your attention. he might suddenly being to talk louder or sound funnier than usual in hopes of getting your attention. But the target of attention might not always be you in case there are other girls around. So, beware who he’s looking at.

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