Body Dissatisfaction.

It is quite unlikely that you have never felt the urge to look as sexy and as ravishing as those glamour girls that you may have come across while flipping through the pages of your favorite magazine. To have a secret desire to have the looks and the figure comparable to those models seems quite natural and quite normal. However, falling into the trap and slowly cultivating a negative image about our own bodies can lead to body dissatisfaction. And frankly that isn’t healthy.

Whenever you look at those stunning models in the magazines, do keep it in mind that those shots have been taken after many makeup artists have worked on the model and the professional photographer has made use of the most sophisticated camera along with the most obsequious lighting to get that perfect shot. So 80 percent of the beauty you see there is because of the makeup artists and the photographer. This little meditative thinking should leave you somewhat comfortable about your current looks.

Peculiar as it may sound; a majority of us still continue to strive for a body image as close as possible to the bodies of our favorite models and actresses. And on goes with this struggle, a negative comparison of our bodies with those “perfect” figures.

A lot many researches carried out on the topic of body image have revealed that the desirable body shapes for most women still continue to be thin. Most women associate beauty with thinness, no wonder you can see all the extremely thin women taking the center stage in all forms of media.

Aside from the mental pressure, about our body image, coming from models and celebrities, peer and family pressure along with criticism from the partner or boyfriend just goes on to worsen the problem of body dissatisfaction. An important concern here is the way most women are becoming overly conscious about their appearance and slowly developing a low self esteem. Of late, even success has been related with ones looks, which tends to make the women even more obsessed about their appearance.

Let’s think afresh, and stop being unrealistic and accept are healthy bodies the way they are.  Let those perfect fingers work as motivators helping us to improve our overall appearance and not as dissuasions which cause negative feelings to overshadow our lives.

Sidharth Thakur