Body Butters – For The Ultimate Moisturizing Experience

Body Butters

Body Butters Body butter is the ultimate solution to all your dry skin problems. Apart from hydrating your skin, this product will also help in getting rid of all harmful chemicals and toxins from the body, thus bringing about complete body detoxification.

Regular use of body butter will help in reducing to a great extent the appearance of lines and wrinkles, which are considered as definite signs of aging. It is also very effective in reducing the appearance of scars and marks and will thus help in improving the  texture of your skin. There are many varieties and brands of body butters which are commercially available. But the downside of these products is that they tend to be quite expensive and hence they are not quite accessible to the common public.

In such a situation, you can very well resort to use natural body butters. The best thing about natural body butters is that it you can make them easily from the comforts of your own home. As these butters are made from natural ingredients, there is no need to worry about the possibility of unwanted side effects. Also the ingredients required for making the butter are quite easily available.

The most common ingredients of natural body butters are Shea butter and cocoa butter. Shea butter, which is rich in Vitamin A will penetrate into the deep layers of the skin and will thus help in making the skin smooth and restoring its elasticity from within. Cocoa butter, which is obtained from cocoa beans will moisturize the skin and will also help in forming a protective shield that will help to lock the moisture within.

In one body butter recipe which contains shea butter, you are supposed to mix together melted shea butter, warm coconut oil and a vegetable oil like grapeseed oil. The mixture should be stirred continuously until all the ingredients have melted and reached a uniform consistency. This mixture should be then allowed to cool down, after which it can be used as a body butter.

You can also make another homemade body butter which has cocoa as its prime ingredient. The first step in making this body butter will be to grate cocoa butter into fine particles. To this grated butter, you should add coconut oil and avocado oil. Heat the mixture until the cocoa butter has melted completely. You should keep on stirring throughout the complete heating process. You can use the mixture after it has cooled down completely.

Addition of Vitamin E oil to the body butter will help in improving its nourishing properties. In order to improve its fragrance you can add to it a few drops of lemon oil. Corn starch is another optional additive which will help in reducing the greasiness which is associated with body butter. The body butter which is prepared can be applied throughout your body.

While applying body butter, do concentrate on dry and rough areas of the elbows and knees. The body butter can be stored in dry and air tight containers and can be kept for future use. In order to make body butter bars, you can add to beeswax to the body butter ingredients and then heat it. This heated mixture is to be poured into molds and should be then allowed to solidify so as to form body butter bars.