Body Art – Make Your Body The Canvas

Body art was basically used in performing arts, especially in dance and in theatre. But later on it became pretty popular in other spheres as well. In recent times the most prevalent body art is tattooing and body piercing. These are very hip and are considered as ultimate style statement. Some of the other forms of body art are body painting, branding, scarification, shaping and scalpelling.

About Body Art:

Even though tattooing and body piercing is pretty famous now as body art; it has a history of its own. The art of decorating ones body dates back to historical time and was used to convey any message or idea. There are various forms in which body art is found.

It can be either in the form of painting or any other external decoration, which is also a part of body art. It can be in the form of tattooing or piercing or it can be in the form of clothing or accessories, which are used externally for decoration. Even though it was predominantly a part of performing arts, today it is a fashion statement.

Types of Body Art:

As you can use your body as a canvas, so can you experiment with different types of art forms. Apart from piercing and tattooing, you can go for scarring, painting or body shaping, in order to look distinct from others. A brief over view of few such other forms of body art is mentioned below.

Body Painting:

Body painting is a temporary form of body art. In this case, one treats the body as a canvas in the truest sense. This form of design will last for few days or for hours, depending on the kind of panting. You can either paint your face or you can paint your full body. On the other hand, you can also go for painting certain parts of your body, with a particular motif or message which you wish to convey to people.


This type of body art is a unique way of converting your wounds or scars into a specific design or pattern. It is not only the best way to hide your scar but also to make something unique. In ancient times, scarring was used as a mark of adulthood and for various other such reasons.

Body Shaping:

Body Shaping is the cosmetic way of sculpturing in the body. It is used to change any body part as per your wish. But this kind of body art has to be done under proper guidance and care. This is a much broad concept rather than simply painting or designing on your body.