Blissful Relationships

trustrelationship Relationships define our existence as social beings. No man is an island and as we make our journey through life, building and maintaining meaningful relationships is of paramount importance.

If you analyze carefully, there is no relationship more important than the ones you share with your spouse, and making the effort to nurture a blissful relationship is vital for a happy married life.

The Bible says, “Love others as you love yourself”. In fact, unless you learn to love yourself, it will be impossible to love your spouse. A dislike for oneself could get projected onto the relationships one has with others leading to disastrous consequences.

So love yourself! If you value yourself and have a healthy self esteem, you can value others for the intrinsic joy of relating to them and not because of any quid-pro-quo. You will not really depend on others excessively if you have a wealth of confidence and self assurance within yourself.

Secondly, it is vital that you genuinely like your partner. This is the basis of mutual affection and love. Love is not silent. Rather, you have to express it in words as there’s no better tonic for a healthy relationship than genuine compliments and heart felt expressions of mutual appreciation and love, which adds to your partner’s confidence and esteem.

Spending high quality time is quite important too. If you value your relationship, you would invest time into it. Conversely, if you neglect spending quality time with your partner, failure of the relationship is inevitable.

Two-way communication builds up a relationship. Communication helps in better understanding, articulating expectation as well as giving and taking of honest feedback. An open and transparent communication channel is an indicator of a healthy relationship.

Lastly, learn to accept the importance of a change. Change is the only constant in life and yes – even people do change. Change calls for adjustment and maturity, but it should be welcomed as it leads to personal and inter-personal growth.

Making a relationship work and tending to it is hard work. It doesn’t come easy. But if you are determined to improve your relationship, you would persevere and be rewarded with a truly meaningful life-long relationship.

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