Bleaching Your Hair At Home

Bleaching-Your-Hair-At-Home Think about bleaching your hair, when you want to look like a perfect platinum blond. And although that’s your best bet, you need to tread carefully as even minor mistakes can ruin your looks and leave you looking catastrophic.

Follow this little bit of advice we have on how to bleach your hair and you’ll rule out all chances of going wrong.

Bleach Kit

Walk over to a good cosmetic store, to pick up the finest hair bleaching kit, which fits well into your budget and is less likely to causes severe damage. Different bleach kits are available for different natural hair color, so be sure that you’re picking up the right kit that is meant for your natural hair color. And if you’ve got brown hair and you pick up something that is meant for black hair, the results may be outrageously disgusting.

Application instructions

Every bleach kit comes with detailed instructions on how to apply it to your hair, along with the precautions to be observed and all the do’s and don’ts. You must follow the instructions religiously, and as is generally advised you must carry out a patch test before applying the bleach to all your hair. Be extra particular about the time for which the bleach stays on your hair, as going beyond the recommended time can damage your hair, and washing it off too early, you might not be able to get the right shade.

Keep checking

After the first twenty minutes that the bleach has been on your hair, it is advisable to check as to what shade has been achieved, almost after every ten minutes. Just wash two or three strands of hair to see whether the desired color has been achieved or not.

Rinsing it off

When you’re satisfied with the color, make sure that you rinse your hair thoroughly and follow it up with a conditioner. For the next three days it’s better to avoid shampoos, while you must keep conditioning your hair regularly.

Sidharth Thakur