Black Tea Benefits

A variety of teas exist in the market and Black tea has created a niche for itself. Black tea is known for a number of goodness and not only does it act as a refreshing drink that boosts you energy up, it also hoards a number of health benefits.

Black tea is not about not having milk added to it; black tea is about how the leaves are processed, which is different from green tea or white tea. Black tea leaves are oxidized which sets them apart from the rest of the clan.

The presence of antioxidants in black tea enables it to fight the attack of free radicals which is detrimental for health.

According to a few research results, black tea consumption can lessen the risk of cancers. The tea properties slow down the enhancement of the cancerous cells while at the same time, retains the healthy cells as they are.

If you drink black tea on a regular basis, it will markedly hasten your rate of metabolism and can even assist in burning fat. For those who are conscious about how they look, this makes for an ideal drink.

The fluoride in black tea makes your teeth stronger as well, by protecting and strengthening the tooth enamel.

It is also believed that regular drinking of tea can delay the ageing process and help you retain youth for a longer time. Likewise, tea extracts are often used in anti ageing cream and lotions to give you a younger looking skin.

Arteries get expanded due to black tea consumption, which consequently increases the blood flow to the heart; as a result risks of heart attack and strokes get minimized by a considerable degree.

Glucose levels get decreased by drinking black tea, which particularly is very helpful for people already suffering from diabetes.

Both consumption of black and green tea makes the good cholesterol quota of the body to increase and the bad cholesterol quota to decrease.

Black tea is best consumed without milk or sugar, to be able to avail all the health benefits offered by it. For the health conscious, black tea is a suitable option that has numerous factors which better the functions of the body.