Black Pumps – Wardrobe Essential

Black pumps are a must have in every girl’s closet. This is a pair of shoes that you can team with just about every outfit and you can add oomph to the outfit no matter how dull it is. If you want to use it as an accessory that catches attention then look out for one with high heels and a few embellishments. Here are a few key points that you need to know about black pumps.

Before you set out to buy your pair you need to understand your requirements and your fashion sense. If for example you are a sporty kind of girl and want to sport this look then a pair with the right embellishments will suit your style. However if you are a girly girl and want to portray that in your style then you may want to look for a pair with a small bow or detail rather than something too flamboyant.

The height of the heels is another thing you need to consider. Remember, these shoes are an investment and you need to wear them for long periods of the day so it is best to find a pair that you will be comfortable wearing for long hours. You also need to figure out what material you want the shoes in. Patent leather or leather are perfect as they can be teamed with any outfit; while patent leather is more sophisticated and formal you can use a pair of leather pumps on a casual outfit.

Now, let’s talk about how to wear these shoes. Firstly let me remind you that while most fashion experts will tell you that it is ok to wear a pair of black pumps with any shoe remember that you need to look at yourself in the mirror and if you are happy with your outfit then wear it in style.

Personally I feel black pumps can be worm with narrow or wide bottom jeans and trousers, it can also be worn with skirts, dresses and shorts; however I would never want to wear black pumps with a pair of Capri pants or casual trousers.

A pair of black pumps is an investment; one that you can enjoy for a long time so don’t feel shy to splurge on this pair.