Black Is Timeless

Watching TV the other day, I found it quite amusing when one of the renowned fashion designers made a statement that black is back in trend this year, if I were in the studio with him I would definitely have asked him that when did black ever step out of trend.

Black has always been a favorite in the fashion world, and this color is truly versatile in character, because you can use it to create just about any look or impression, such as sensual, sophisticated, modern, mysterious, elegant, sleek, vibrant and so on.

Black is truly a timeless shade, so you can always stack in some black dresses into your wardrobe without any fear that they may become obsolete with changes in color trends. Some women, in effect, feel that black is certainly less intimidating to wearing  when compared with most other color arrangements and multi-toned patterns.

However, if you want your black dresses to make a perfect fashion statement and one that is everlasting, then you must be particular about the shade of black that you choose. And when we say black let it be black and no other turbulent shade which is akin to black, but not actually black.

When you’re going in for a black dress, then think only about black and choose a dress which has all its decorations and embellishments also in black. Let the embroidery, ribbons, lace, appliqué work, beads, sequin, satin frills, that is all the adornments on your dress be completely in black.

And to go with your dresses get some black footwear such as black ballet shoes, black stilettos, black pumps and the erotic black boots. Let the black color run from head to toe, instead of breaking the color scheme too often with other colors.

A few must haves, in black, that every woman should try and get into her wardrobe are a black coat, a flirtatious cocktail dress in black, the little black dress in luminous satin, black suit skirt in woolen blends and maybe a mermaid style gown with a halter neckline. And lastly remember that when you choose black dresses let the fitting of your dresses be unbeatable, to bring out the finer curves of your body.

Sidharth Thakur