Birthday Cake Ideas For Teenagers

Birthday Cake Ideas For Teenagers

Birthday Cake Ideas For Teenagers Teen age marks an extremely important milestone in your child’s life as it is her/his first step into adulthood. For teenagers there are a lot of things happening around them like high school proms.

Their achievement in school, graduation or even passing a driver’s test, they want to celebrated everything especially their birthdays which are even more important.

As we know teenagers are the most difficult to please as they can get really picky when deciding on birthday cakes which can be a mammoth task. Every birthday that a teenager celebrates is special and they want everything in it to be the best, even the birthday cake!

Here are some unique cake ideas that will be difficult for your teenager to resist. You can have different cakes for boys and girls or even some brilliant new cakes that all like. Always keep in mind your budget for the cake before you finalize on ordering any birthday cake especially if you are on a budget birthday party.

Ice-Cream Cakes

This cake as the name suggests is a different take on a normal birthday cake. Many cake outlets offer such ice-cream birthday cakes and you can choose from different shapes and flavors as well. They are also extremely easy to make at home and need no cooking or baking. You can easily find ice-cream cake recipes on the internet, just follow the instructions and you have your very own ice-cream birthday cake. You teenager will simply love this idea and his/her friends will enjoy this cake.

Mousse Cakes

Moose cakes are again very interesting and teenagers are sure to love the flavors. You can get them made with different flavors and seasonal or exotic fruits, but mousse cake tastes best when there is lot of chocolate in it. They look really tempting yet fun and different and memories of this sumptuous cake will surly last till the next birthday.

Wacky Flavors

We generally go for seasonal or the usual flavors when it come to birthday cakes. Teens always want to make a statement in whatever they do. They love the attention and always want to stand apart from the crowd. These wacky or out of the ordinary flavored birthday cakes give just that feeling that your teenager will simply love.

You can choose from flavors such as black coconut, raspberry n French wine, orange cake and many more. Such wild flavors are easily available at specialty cake makers. If you have the budget you can suggest your own flavor and can get the cake made accordingly.

If you have the time you can make your own wacky birthday cake, recipes for which are easily available over the internet. A taste test is always suggested before you order you wacky birthday cake. If making the cake at home, make a trial cake a few days before to make sure you get the exact flavor.

Cup-Cake Tower

Cup-Cake Tower

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The cup cake tower is yet another really unique birthday cake idea. It is as the name suggests a cake made with many cupcakes. You can use various flavors of cupcakes in a single cupcake tower. It is extremely fun and guests can choose from so many different flavors and it looks very funky as well, just the way your teen would want it to be.

Such cakes can be made to order from any specialty baker and off course you can make a beautiful cupcake tower at home too. While ordering a cupcake tower always remember to keep in mind the guest into cup cake ratio so that there are enough cup cakes for all to enjoy. Similarly instead of cup cakes muffins can be used too. You can layer them with cream and use various flavors as well.

Girl Power

Make this cake a reflection of your girl and try and incorporate things that she is fond of. You can have theme cakes like flowers, where the cake can be decorated with real edible flowers or edible sugar flowers, diamonds are a girl’s best friend, where the cake may be decked up with edible jewels and diamonds or even color themes like pink, red or any other colors she likes.

Boys Will Be Boys

Teenage boys would not really want a birthday cake as even making them attend their own birthday can be difficult. They would prefer a simple but tasty cake with not too many frills. You can go with simple but flavorful cakes. Boys will love an idea of funky or deceiving cake such as a cake that looks like a burger or a piece of stake.

You can get such cakes made from any specialized cake shop. Think out of the box and you are sure to end up with a great cake. Don’t give them too may option to choose from as it may make the cake task even difficult. Boys’ parties always have cake smashing and they waste a lot of cake, hence you can order for a simple cake which they can smash on each others faces for fun.

Cell Phone Cake

Teens like gadgets and hence a cell phone is one of the first gadgets they get of their own. If you are planning to gift your child a cell phone for his birthday also get a cell phone shaped birthday cake. Customized birthday cakes can be ordered at selective cake shops and your child will be more than happy. Ask the makers to make the cake look exactly like a cell phone and very real and not with a childish look.

Sports Theme Cake

Your child may be a sports lover and interested in some particular game which he or she plays. You can arrange for a sports theme party for your teenagers birthday. The cake too will be based on that. If it’s football or baseball make the cake in the shape of the baseball or football. If it’s hokey, you can get a hockey stick and ball shaped cake. There are plenty of options in a cake shop.

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