Birth control options

The fear that a woman might get pregnant, steels the fun from the act of love making. And unless you are using some sort of a birth control measure, you can’t think of enjoying a fully indulgent sex life. Thankfully, there is no dearth of birth control measures to choose from, and you don’t have to compromise with a sheath on your mans penis to work as a birth control, like the Egyptians did a few hundred years back.

Male Condoms

That’s the first thing that comes to mind when anyone talks about contraceptives and birth control, maybe because these are the most advertised. The other reason why condoms are so popular is because condoms help prevent STDs and the deadly AIDS. Condoms are also not two expensive, and yet condoms are nearly 97% effective in preventing unwanted pregnancies, when used properly. And if you want these to be 100% effective, you can use a lubricating spermicidal gel along with condoms, and enjoy the double benefits of extra lubrication and complete birth control.

Female condoms

That is yet another option, quite similar to the first one, with only difference that it is used by women instead of men. The female condom needs to be placed inside the vagina, so as to cover the cervix and prevent the semen from entering inside. But these aren’t very popular because they are a bit trickier to use when compared with condoms. Also, female condoms aren’t as effective in birth control and in preventing STDs.


As the name suggests, these are chemicals which kill the sperms discharged in the semen to prevent unwanted pregnancies. Spermicides come in a lot of different forms such as foam, suppositories, and lubricating gels. These are supposed to be inserted into the vagina before intercourse.  These are more preferred by couples who don’t want to compromise on pleasure and those who really want to enjoy absolute intimacy. However, you must remain mindful that spermicides are only 80% effective in preventing pregnancies.

Birth control pills

These are the most effective with a near 99% success rate. However women don’t prefer these much because of side effects like nausea, depression and headaches.