Beware Of These Harmful Beauty Products


Influenced by TV commercials, we all keep trying new beauty products to enhance our looks. But sadly, most of the revolutionary beauty products may not be as good as proposed in these attractive commercials. Let’s take a look at three such ingredients to find out how good or bad they are.

The first one we will talk about is Alpha-Hydroxy Acid, which is derived from natural products like oranges, lemons, sugar cane and milk. However, most of the AHAs contained in commercial cosmetics aren’t natural; rather they are a synthetically produced version. And this synthetic AHA finds prolific use in the formulation of skin cleansers, face masks and moisturizing lotions.

This chemical compound has excellent exfoliating properties and thus may also be found in revitalizing creams. Although, AHA finds increased acceptance in cosmetic products, this chemical can make your skin vulnerable to external factors because it normally removes an entire layer of the skin cells and dries up the natural moisture of the skin.

In sensitive skin, symptoms like rashes, flaky skin, blisters and chemical burns may also show up. Some recent researches have also pointed towards AHA increasing your risk of skin cancer; however there haven’t been any laboratory tests yet to confirm the same.

The next element to beware of is mineral oil, which often forms an important ingredient in the formulation of body oils, cold creams, moisturizing lotions, face foundations and in certain ointments. It mainly finds relevance in beauty products because of the lubricating effect it has on your skin. Mineral oil is essentially a colorless and transparent byproduct of petroleum distillation, and it usually comes in several different grades ranging from low to high.

While mineral oil does an excellent job in making your skin soft and supple, what doesn’t go in its favor is that it blocks the skin pores, which makes it difficult for your body to expel toxins through sweat. Occasional use is fine, but you must avoid using mineral oil based cosmetics on a regular basis.

The third one is paraffin, which again is a byproduct of petroleum distillation, and while it is good for making candles it often finds use in certain bathing bars. These bathing bars are believed to have therapeutic properties, but again it blocks your skin pores and may also at times damage, irritate and inflame delicate skin membrane, especially around your eyes.

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Sidharth Thakur