Beware of Infections When you Get a Pedicure

Beauty treatments are very tempting but have you ever considered the fact that they could be deadly too. The growing concern about beauty treatments is the hygiene that the spa maintains in order to ensure that their clients are safe and free from infections.

Simple treatments like a pedicure can cause infections if 2 or more clients are given the same towels or the tools are not sterilized before they are reused. If the last statement has caused you to panic then I have a few suggestions that will help you to make up your mind.

During a pedicure there are several things that can go wrong. Sharp instruments can cut into your skin and cause bleeding. This is very dangerous if the equipment used is not sterilized.

The foot bath that you soak your feet in is a concern too- if it is not washed after every use as bacteria from the previous person can get transferred onto your skin.

Tips on how to save yourself

Well, my best bet is to get a pedicure at home and do it yourself. But for the few of us who love to get pampered here are a few things that can keep you safe. Start by carrying your own tools to the spa.

In this way you can avoid any infections if the tools at the spa are not sterilized. If you are using the equipment at the spa then check them for traces of blood or hair before you let the beautician use them.

Before you soak your feet in the foot bath request the beautician to rinse it or wash it in front for you. This way you can prevent the transfer of bacteria onto your skin. Don’t feel shy to carry anti bacterial wipes and wipe the foot bath and the equipment before you soak your feet or start the treatment.

Avoid cutting your nails at the spa, you can cut the at home before the treatment. You can also request the person to let you cut your nails during the treatment.

You also need to beware of the creams used on your feet. Often the person conducting the treatment will place their wet hands in the cream bottles leading to transference of germs and bacteria.

You can carry your own creams and lotions with you; else ask the beautician to wipe her hands dry before using the creams or placing their hands in the bottles.

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