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Best Make Up

Best Make Up There are various sorts of make up makeup products for various kinds of faces. If you want to take the most advantage of your best make up products, you must firstly know what is the basic as well as the correct shape of your own face. Applying the best make up can really enhance your beauty.

However, you must remember that you cannot alter genetics even if you apply the best make up. If you know the basic best make up techniques, then the best make up tips could help you to go quite a long way in enriching and augmenting your face.

The Right Makeup For Different Face Shapes

If you have an oval shaped face, then you should know that such a face shape is ideal. This is because an oval face shape can really enhance the way you look since it is very well balanced. There is no need for you to apply too much makeup or sport an elaborate hair do. If you happen to be shaping your eyebrows, then you should follow your eyebrow’s natural shape rather than try out a new shape. One of the best make up tips is to outline your lower lips and apply lipstick in order to achieve a full result. There is no need for you to outline your upper lips. You can enhance your cheeks by applying blush on your cheeks in a C shaped manner. This will blend your face very well right up to the edges of your eyes.

Make Up For Round Shaped Face

A round shaped face is one where the shape of the face extends from your forehead and goes down to your chin and then wider from one cheek to another. If your face is round in shape, then you can enhance your looks by making your face shape look more oval. You can achieve this result by applying a few of the fundamental techniques of best make up.

The best make up tips would be to highlight the upper part of your cheeks, your forehead, the middle of your chin and the area which is below the eyes. You could contour your eye temples with a darker shade of colour, as well as the remaining parts of your cheeks and your jaws. It is very important for you to apply such shades for blending and for blending well.

Heart Shaped Face

If your face is heart shaped, then your face shape will normally have a wider forehead and will end with a narrow chin. With such a face shape, you have to play down your forehead’s width by applying darker foundation. The best make up tips would be to  apply a light shade of foundation to the rest of your jaws as well as your chin in order to achieve a broader and wider look. You do not need to contour your lower lips and your upper lips. You could apply just over your lip line. You can apply blush on the top of your cheeks. This will make your cheeks look resplendent and will enhance your features.

Square Shaped Face

If you have a square shaped face, then you must remember that such a face shape can look quite strong. Your face will have the same straight width from the right side to the left side of your forehead, across your cheeks and from one side of your jaw to the other side of your jaw. You have to apply the best makeup products to your face in order to make your face look soft.

The best make up tips would be to apply a very dark foundation shade from the hairline of your temples to your strong jaw. This will give your face a much softer appearance. You can also shape your eyebrows round. This will help you to tone down your face’s wide shape. You should make your lips look full by distracting your lips from your distinct jaw. You can try applying blush on your cheeks and blend it, to give your cheek a softer as well as a longer look.

Long Shaped Face

If you have a long shaped face, then your face shape will have a forehead which is raised, a jaw which is distinct and cheeks which are very hollow. In order to sport an appealing you, you have to apply certain best make up tips to create the illusion that your face is wide. You should make your eye brows thick. The best make up tips would be to apply eye make up in order to obtain a wide look for your face. You can use a dark foundation on your forehead and your jaw. You must make your lips seem fuller than they usually are.

Contouring Your Face

Contouring your face shape is a very important best make up technique. In order for you to achieve the best results, you should apply two shades of makeup on your face. One shade of best make up which you apply on your face should be light and the other shade of makeup which you apply should be dark. Blush can be a very useful product when it comes to contouring your face in a proper manner.

The most important make up tips however, is to blend the makeup on your face very well. The best make up is always that which is properly blended. Blending your makeup will give you a natural appearance. You will not look as if you have caked up your face with makeup. It will prevent your from looking loud and will make you seem beautiful and natural.

Applying make up is therefore an art. It requires a great deal of concentration and dedication. You cannot apply make up in a haphazard manner. You have to put in a great deal of planning if you want to apply make up on your face in a manner that will make your face look appealing. You could browse the internet to find some of the best make up tips for whichever sort of face shape you have.

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