Best Foods to Eat During Pregnancy

When pregnant, relying only on nutritional supplements isn’t the wisest approach. You defiantly need more nutrients to cope up with the increased bodily requirements, but still it’s more beneficial to get your nutrients directly from foods instead of supplements.

Remember, your diet should be your number one priority all thorough pregnancy, because your and your baby’s well being depends mostly on what you eat. And to help you eat the right foods, we have here a list of eight foods that are best for pregnant women.

Leafy greens

Even if you’ve never loved them, this is the time when you must have at least two servings of leafy green vegetables such as collard, chard, spinach and celery. All these vegetables are loaded with important vitamins and minerals like vitamin A, B12 and C, folic acid, magnesium and iron.

Sweet potatoes

Forget regular potatoes, and feast on sweet potatoes because besides containing all the nutrients present in white potatoes, sweet potatoes provide you with good amounts of Vitamin A, Vitamin C and dietary fiber.


Berries are the most loaded fruits, containing nearly every vitamin and mineral that your need. What comes in extra are the anti-oxidants, and that too in some real good quantities. There are several nice ways to add berries to your diet like mixing them up into your breakfast cereal or adding them to yogurt, or whisking them into your shakes.

Nuts and seeds

Seeds and nuts are packed with healthy fats, proteins and minerals, so you might as well get into the habit of snacking on these. Carry some roasted or blanched nuts and seeds with your when you are going out, and munch on these instead of having fries and chips.


Legumes and beans must also figure on your daily pregnancy diet.  Both these will provide you proteins, minerals, healthy fats and dietary fiber. Having at least one serving of beans and legumes a day has been known to detoxify your body of the toxins left behind from consuming preservative containing processed foods.


Having yogurt regularly will take care of your baby’s bone development, as it’s a rich source of calcium. Besides yogurt contains probiotics, healthy bacteria, which will keep your digestive track in good health, thus minimizing gastrointestinal problems.

Sidharth Thakur