Best Facial Exercises To Look Younger At 30

Best Facial Exercises To Look Younger At 30

Best Facial Exercises To Look Younger At 30 We are always conscious about how we look and appear. Irrespective of our age, we look for ways to keep ourselves young and radiant. For this, most women can do anything within their power, from using the benefits of plastic surgery to Botox treatment.

The amount of pain that needs to be endured for these processes is rarely taken into account. However, there are some very simple facial exercises for being able to look young.

How to look younger at 30 will no longer remain a daunting task with these facial exercises.

Exercises to Help Tighten the Jaws

Run your finger tips from the outer corner of the nostrils to the crook of the mouth. Broaden the mouth to produce a wide smile. Use gentle pressure with your finger tips on the area. Allow the pressure to remain for another five minutes before releasing the finger tips from the line. Reapply the pressure on the line for five minutes and again release it. Continue this for another thirty times. This is a resistance exercise that helps to tighten the outline of the jaws.

Facial Exercise for Tightening of the Neck and Cheeks

This particular facial exercise is so easy that it can be practiced anywhere, whether you are in your home or at work. Tilt the neck to look directly at the ceiling of the roof. Now, press the surface of the tongue on the flat surface of the roof of the mouth and swallow hard. Repeat the same on bending the head to the right and then to the left. Carry on this exercise for a few times. This puts pressure on the neck and cheek muscles that helps to tighten the surface of the skin.

There is a second exercise with regard to tightening neck and cheek muscles. Sit in an upright position and look straight. Place the thumb and the index finger on the neck. Use very soft and subtle pressure to pull the skin in a downward direction as you stretch back your head. Hold on your head for a while. Repeat the exercise for at least ten times in a day.

Chewing is also considered to be a great facial exercise. Close your mouth, tilt the head and start moving the jaws in a chewing movement. This tightens the facial muscles, and prevents the skin from sagging.

Facial Exercise to Tighten the Eye Muscles

This particular exercise needs you to keep your brows relaxed. Widen your eyes and keep looking straight ahead for about ten seconds before fluttering the eyes. This helps to tighten the eye muscles. In another facial exercise for tightening of the eye muscles, place the palm of your hand on your closed eyes. Apply pressure and count to five. Release pressure and repeat for ten times in a day.

How to look younger at 30 will no longer remain a distant dream with the help of the above facial exercises. These exercises not only help in the toning of the jaw and neck muscles but also improve blood circulation that enables the cells of the skin to gain more wrinkle resistant nutrients. This produces natural and younger looking skin.