Best Clothes For Curvy Women

Best Clothes For Curvy Women

There’s a trend ruling over the fashion world for some time as per which every single woman on this planet, wants to lose weight and look like a slender ramp model. Even the fashion industry has been considering this trend and creating clothes that suit the lean figure types. But then not every woman does achieve this super-thin form and most real women do have curvaceous bodies.

Finding clothes for such women may become difficult as fashionable clothesthat are currently in vogue suit the straight or boyish type figures more. That doesn’t mean that a curvy woman would not be able to find clothes that would suit her body type. If you are a woman with a curvy body, then follow some simple rules while choosing clothes for yourself.

Make sure that you choose clothes that fit your body just right and highlight your best features while covering up for any flaw that may exist. If you want to know more about this and find out which are the best clothes for curvy women, then read on.

Best Clothes For Curvy Women

Opt For a Sweater Dress

Get yourself a sweater dress that fits your body correctly and defines your body. The material of this dress should be such that it has a slimming effect on your look. Cashmere is a good material choice for such dresses.

Best Clothes For Curvy Women

Make sure that the dress is not over-sized as that would only make you look larger than you are along with making you look very shapeless. Add a big-sized belt around your waist to give your figure an hour-glass look.

Flared or Boot Cut Jeans

If your hip and thigh areas are heavy then go for flares when choosing your jeans or opt for a boot cut one instead of skinny fit jeans.

The Best Clothes For Curvy Women

Skin fit jeans would only make your legs look thinner and your hip and thighs wider thus creating an unflattering look. Whereas flared or boot cut jeans would create the right balance and give you a shapely, & curvy look.

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Skirt With the Right Cut and Style

Wear skirts that fit across your hip and then flare out towards the end. Skirts with such cuts help to balance the body and give it a full yet flattering look.

Skirt With the Right Cut and Style

If you are one who carries more weight in the lower part of the body than the upper part, then wear a low-waist skirt with a well fitted top to balance the look and highlight the slim part of your body. Try to avoid pencil skirts or skirts that fit and hug your entire lower body as that would only make your body look unproportionate.

The Right Top

Choose a top that has attractive designs on the bustline or the neckline. That would help to pull out attention away from the heavy waistline or stomach area and flatter your best features.

Clothes For Curvy Women

Heavy busted women can choose square or V-necklines. You can also wear a tank top beneath a sweater or another top. That would add a dash of color in your dressing as well as give you a better shape.

Right Colors for the Right Effect

Solid and dark colors are known to have a slimming effect. So invest in dark colors, especially for covering up the flabby areas. Block colors also help to create a balanced and flattering look.