Benefits of Jasmine Tea

Jasmine tea is quite popular among the tea lovers solely for the distinctive taste that makes it stand out of all the other herbal teas.

And like any other herbal tea, this comes with a bundle of health benefits too! But generally, the effect it produces is due to the other teas that are blended along with this. Jasmine tea is essentially a blend of other teas like green tea, black tea or oolong tea along with the essence of jasmine.

Treatment of Cancer – Yes, like any other herbal teas, Jasmine tea also plays a profound role in prevention and treatment of cancer. It has shown excellent chemoprotective effect on breast cancer and prostate cancer.

Cholesterol – Due to the presence of green tea catechin in it, it also helps in curbing the cholesterol and triglycerides and keep the unwanted fat in the body n check. This in turn helps to keep your heart healthy.

Gives a young look – This is due to the fact that jasmine tea removes all the free radicals that damage the skin and takes away the natural glow. This might be due to the antioxidant property of the green tea and its other derivatives. Nevertheless, this one tea truly works magic to bring back the youthful appearance of the skin.

Weight loss – Jasmine tea improves the body metabolism and hence reduce the overall fat content. This is also achieved by burning up the extra fat in the body. But for this to happen, you have to make sure you drink it at least a couple of times a day and see the effect in 3-4 months.

To achieve this, you have to make sure to use young buds of jasmine and not the grown ones. Also, keep the essence to a subtle level and not over-powering in order to give the right effect.

Depression – Due to the essence of Jasmine this acts as an excellent anti-depressant and stress reliever. All you need to take is a little cup of Jasmine tea everyday and let it relax your mind and body.

But since Jasmine tea comes with quite a considerable amount of caffeine in it, it comes along with several side effects related to caffeine.