Benefits Of Fish Oil For Hair

Benefits Of Fish Oil For Hair

Benefits Of Fish Oil For Hair What we eat gets reflected in how we look. Fish oil included in the regular diet helps to add glamour to the tresses otherwise absent.

Benefits Of Fish Oil For Hair

Omega 3 Fatty Acids

The omega 3 fatty acids present in the marine fishes and fish oils like the cod liver oil is extremely good for the health and shine of the tresses. Regular presence of fish oil in the diet helps to remove all the hair problems forever. While the omega 3 fatty acids are found in some vegetarian products like certain nuts and beans also however their percentage is quite miniscule.

While with fish oil the omega 3 acids are present in a significantly higher percentage and therefore have a better positive effect on the health of the hair. Besides the inclusion in the diet fish oil supplements are also easily available in the market in both capsule and even liquid forms.

Generally capsules are preferred over the other forms of supplements since the stinking fish smell which most people find offensive and is the single significant reason for avoiding such products is absent in case of the capsules.

Benefits of the Fish Oil

Fish oil help to achieve healthy and shiny, glamorous looking tresses through nutrition supply to the hair follicles initiating them for follicular hair growth. With health the hair becomes manageable also stopping the instances of frizzies.

Fish Oil For Hair

However if the hair is damaged because of extreme use of synthetic hair products and heat styling instruments, besides the regular use of fish oil and its supplements in the daily diet, it is important to stop the use of hair dryers and irons and switch to natural hair care products that use essential oils and vitamin E resulting in a completer 360 degree turn around with your tresses looking shiny and bouncy from within.

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Then and only then will the use of fish oil will be able to reap the true and required benefits while curbing and repairing the damage to the tresses in a complete manner. However, it is important to remember that the fish oil contains no magic masala that will miraculously transform your hair for the best within seconds; instead you need to stick to the regime in a tenacious manner and with utter regularity.

Then you will be able to get positive and sure results though slowly. Similarly the degree of benefits reaped depends on the damage to the tresses initially present. In case where the damage is not significant comparatively lesser amount of time will be required as compared to the cases where the damage to the hair present is already quite gross.


To find the right fish oil product that will fully suit your needs it is better to consult your pharmacist who will be able to guide you to the most beneficial product available which will completely suit your needs like hands in gloves. Diabetic patients beware; do not consume fish oil since it may highly escalate the blood sugar levels so it is important of consult a doctor before you start on your regime in a full-fledged manner.