Benefits of Dark Chocolate

Apart from the fact that it eats away the health of your pearly whites, dark chocolate is truly a healthy chocolate.

So for all those chocolate lovers out there, the next time you buy one, you have a legitimate reason to be addicted to these. But this doesn’t mean you can eat just any chocolate. A real dark chocolate contains about 65% of cacao in it. Anything less than this doesn’t make it dark chocolate anymore. So, the next time you buy one, do check out for this on the labels.

Anti aging – Yes, this is a good news to all the chocolate lovers out there that dark chocolate is an excellent antioxidant that further helps to slow down your aging and maintain your youthful look. The antioxidant property of this comes from cocoa that is basically a flavanoid. Anything that contains a flavanoid acts as an excellent antioxidant.

Lowers blood pressure – This has been proven scientifically that dark chocolate lowers the blood pressure to a considerable amount. And with this, dark chocolate officially becomes something that even adults can crave for!

Anti-Depressant – It’s been known since long that chocolates act as excellent anti depressant due to the presence of cocoa and a small amount of caffeine in it. Dark chocolate is not any different from the rest when it comes to cheering you up a little when you are down. But if you care about that little flab and extra fat, keep the consumption on check.

Brain stimulant – Dark chocolate also acts as an excellent brains stimulant that stimulates all the chemicals in the brain that help you to keep alert. This is due to the fact that dark chocolate helps the chemicals in the brain to release endorphines that produce a happy feeling, acting as a perfect stress buster. Another reason is that dark chocolate contains serotonin which is a natural mind booster! So if you need to pull another all-nighter, dark chocolate is your best friend.

Dark chocolate has several other benefits, one of the most important being a good digestive agent and hence, helping in digestion of food. Dark chocolate is also known for preventing cancer due to its antioxidant property.