Benefits And Risks Of Breast Augmentation

Benefits And Risks Of Breast Augmentation One of the most popular cosmetic procedures done by women all over the globe, breast augmentation gives hope to many who have various types of anomalies in their breasts and those who have had medical procedures like a mastectomy done on their breasts.

The procedure of breast augmentation is not entirely safe. Despite the huge risks involved, the procedure has not lost its sheen and still continues to be very popular among women of all social classes. Discussed here are the many benefits and risks associated with breast augmentation.

Benefits of Breast Augmentation

For the millions of women who undergo breast augmentation for cosmetic reasons, the procedure gives the gift of perfect symmetry, shape, enhanced size and appearance. This will work towards their overall body symmetry and improve their confidence as well. Problems like sagging breasts after pregnancy or weight loss, uneven breasts and size variations are some of the reasons when women prefer breast augmentation.

However, it is always a good idea to keep your expectations minimal as the surgery is a manual procedure and the cosmetic surgeon goes by what he/she feels is right for you. It could turn out that it is not up to your liking which would require subsequent corrective procedures. However, one would be surely assured of a better shape than it already was.

Breast augmentation is also undertaken due to medical reasons. Women who have had mastectomies due to breast cancer undergo the procedure to keep their breast in symmetry with the other and also to regain their confidence and lost vigour in life. These women will find it easier to accept small anomalies in the breast size even after the procedure as they have regained their lost breast tissue in some way.

Risks of Breast Augmentation

Coming to the risks of breast augmentation, there are many that could even warrant a host of corrective surgeries. The most common problem faced after surgery is infection when the site of incision gets infected. This can lead to scar formation around the areole. At times the infection can be so severe that the doctor might suggest removing the implants until the infection clears away. This would mean that a second surgery would be required after the infection subsides.

Implants that are inserted inside, which can be a silicone or a saline implant,a can burst at any time after the surgery. Normally, it stays for about 12 years. But application of too much pressure or accidents can lead to rupture of the implants and resultant complications. The implants will have to be removed and new ones inserted in such cases.

A common problem associated with breast augmentation is the loss of sensation around the nipples and areola. This is a temporary phase in most women. However, in some women, the numbness could become permanent due to nerve damage that cannot be reversed. The numbness can lead to problems while breast feeding as women cannot gauge whether the baby is getting adequate milk and if the feeding position is correct. There would also be reduced milk production due to the damage caused to the milk ducts during surgery.