Being Single has its Charms!

While a lot of people are in committed relationships, and enjoy the pleasure of having a partner, it does not imply that the single ones will have to have a lesser fulfilling life; in fact being single has as much perks as being committed, in a different way of course.

So, if you are single and all your friends are engaged, do not worry; rather enjoy your single-hood and know that you can always have fun in this status as well till you find someone special. Let us look at how being single also rocks!

Firstly, realize that while it is certain warm and nice to have someone care for you, there are times the no strings attached state comes rather handy. You can do whatever you feel like, without a second thought.

Go and come as you please, without having to consider someone else as feelings or feel guilty if you cannot afford a lot of time. All the time you have is for yourself and for what you want to do the most. No restrictions whatsoever, at any given time.

Single-hood essentially leads to self-revelations and consequent self-growth. You tend to focus inwards and know more about yourself. You can wholeheartedly commit yourself to doing anything that interests you.

Another aspect that comes into prominence is finance. In a relationship, invariably one has to invest for a variety of reasons; be it anniversary, going out for movies or anything else. Expenditures usually increase and certainly not lessen. For married couples, the finance factor plays even a more vital part. If you are single you have the liberty to spend as much as you want on yourself at your own sweet will.

Absence of commitment, gives you the authority to interact as freely as you wish. You can exercise your independence and meet new people as frequently as you want.

Sooner or later, someone special will come along and you will enjoy the loveliness of company and sharing as well. But till you do, do not waste time envying the couples; make the most of what you have and have the best of times!

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