Being Best Friends in Marriage


They are really lucky who can find their best friend in their spouse or the other way round; their spouse to be their best friend. Whichever way it is a marriage becomes most meaningful and successful when the couple can become the best friends for each other.

One may be lucky enough to marry his or her best friend or one may become the best friend to the spouse after marriage.

Life maybe challenging at times and things may not be rosy always. When the couple are not just husband and wife but best friends a lot of problems become easier to handle.

Being a wife or husband constricts it to a single relationship whereas being the best friend means the relationship becomes more open and has much more space and opportunities to grow and blossom.

As individuals we are always changing and developing; situations may occur when one may get busy with work or may just take the once best friend who is a spouse now for granted and the friendship may wither away to some extent.

And when one realizes a lot of harm may have been done to the beautiful relationship. But it’s not that difficult to juggle the best friendship along with other commitments. One just needs to know how to keep the sparks glowing forever.

To remain best friends forever one has to be transparent and very communicative with one’s spouse. Talking and showing interest in each other, sharing day to day activities and problems all add to being bonded with each other as best friends.

Just remember how best friends are, they do things together, eat together, sleep together and holiday together. Maybe their jobs are different but as soon as work is over they don’t waste a single minute to be together to share and make up for the lost time.

Mutual respect, trust, giving space and accepting each other as them are most important for a marriage and also for best friends. There must be the need for each other; the excitement must always remain as the couple used to feel when they first became best friends. Even during challenging times one must remember the qualities in each other that made them into best friends first.

Being best friends makes it easier for any relationship and so is it in a marriage as well.

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