Being A Single Mom Is Challenging

mom2 Being a single mom isn’t easy, there are lots of children and household related responsibilities and duties that you need to take care of, besides ensuring your career stays on the right path so you can afford all the living expenses.

Here are some things that will help you in managing the parenting challenges, of being a single mom, more effectively.

Reach out for help

Remember that after separation there is just one person missing and that’s your partner, and the rest of all who can extend their support, like your friends, your relatives and your office peers are all still there. Many of them may be willing to extend support to you, and you mustn’t feel shy or hesitant to accept what ever little help they can offer.

And most importantly don’t let your ego prevent you from taking help from your close ones. In fact when you need help, you can even go ahead and ask your close pals and relatives for help, instead of waiting for them to extend it to you on their own. You may need emotional support, help with your kids or financial support, and while its fine to take help from others on the emotional and children’s front, avoid borrowing money as far as possible.

Make new family traditions

When you were together, your partner must have participated actively in all family affairs like birthdays, weekend breaks, festivals and children’s school and sports activities. But after the separation, you will have to fill in the emptiness that the children would feel because of their father not being around.

Think about changing the way you used to celebrate family occasions, and infuse in some creative and enticing activities so that the children don’t get enough time to think about their father. As is usually seen, fathers are the ones who take more interest in children’s sports activities, but now since you are a single mom you will need to begin taking interest in your children’s sports and recreation activities.

Sidharth Thakur