Before You Head For A Blind Date

blind-date The idea of blind dating has a lot of thrill attached to it, which makes it much more exciting than the regular dating. However, if you are planning to go out on a blind date, just calm yourself down a bit and read through before you take the final leap.

Here are some things that are best not ignored when you go out for a blind date.

The place

It’s fairly important for you to choose the right place for your blind date, more so because you’re not yet sure of the kind of guy you’re going to meet. If the guy suggests that you meet in some quiet and secluded place, don’t ever agreed to it. Instead, think about meeting in some safe public area such as a restaurant or a coffee shop. You’re meeting somebody for the first time, and you really don’t know about that person or his intentions, so play it safe and decide on a location where your personal safety is not at stake.

What to wear

Wear something sober and decent, and not something explosive or provocative. You don’t really want to wear something that makes him to constantly stare at you, or something that makes it easier for him to put forward his indecent proposal, just in case he turns out to be the wrong kind of guy. Even your makeup should be soft and subtle, so that he doesn’t get any ratty ideas about you.

Not his place

Since, the guy you are meeting on a blind date is nearly a stranger for you, don’t accept his invitation if he wants you to come to his place. Even if you have spent some two hours or so talking to him, and are somewhat convinced that he is a nice guy, it is still not advisable to step into his place. Let things move slowly and go on a few more dates before you decide to get more intimate, or even before you decide to meet in non public areas.

And if you still don’t think I am talking sense, then do read the newspapers to see how some blind dates end up in robbery, rape, kidnapping and even murder.

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Sidharth Thakur