Beauty Uses Of Gelatin Powder

There are many types of skin care products available in market that promise to enhance the looks. For example, cosmetic supply stores are found bombarded with cleansers, facial masks, toners, moisturizers and hair care products. Sometimes, cost of these products is so high that a common man is unable to use these products regularly.
These products also contain different types of chemicals that may cause some side effects in people having sensitive skin. This is the reason why such people go for all-natural skin care products. There are some natural ingredients that can be used for enhancing looks and which can perfectly replace expensive cosmetic products.

For example, gelatin is one of them. Gelatin is a substance that is extracted from animal skin and bone. This substance has properties like that of collagen and helps in increasing the elasticity of skin. As a result, numbers of years get reduced on face. Since gelatin also contains protein, it can be used for strengthening hairs also.

Beauty Uses Of Gelatin Powder

Gelatin can be effectively used for cleansing skin. There are many ways in which gelatin can be put to use for this purpose. For example, it can be mixed with other natural ingredients for making grainy scrub. This scrub is formed by adding half teaspoon of cornmeal to half teaspoon of powdered gelatin so as to form a mixture. This mixture is applied to wetted face gently. Grains are properly massaged into the skin for exfoliation. After few minutes, this mixture is removed by washing the face with warm water.

Similarly, gelatin can be used for making a homemade blackhead removal mask. This mask is prepared by mixing one tablespoon of powdered gelatin and milk each in a microwave safe bowl. This mixture is then heated for about ten seconds and applied to nose area with the help of a brush. It is left on face for ten minutes and then peeled off.

Gelatin can be used for making homemade facial mask also, which is very effective in tightening the skin. It degreases skin perfectly and as a result, it starts glowing. For application, half cup of powdered gelatin is added to one cup of hot water. This mixture is stirred thoroughly so as to form one cup of gelatin liquid. Half cup of this liquid is added to one-fourth cup of lemon juice and this mixture is applied with face with the help of cotton ball. After ten to fifteen minutes, face is washed with warm water.

Similarly, gelatin can be used for making homemade oatmeal mask, which has great soothing properties. Half cup of cooked oatmeal is added to one-fourth cup of liquid gelatin and half tea spoon of honey. All these ingredients are mixed together for preparing a mask.This mask is applied to face and left for fifteen to twenty minutes.

Afterwards, face is rinsed with warm water.For strengthening hairs, powdered gelatin and water can be added to the shampoo bottle. This increases the protein content of shampoo considerably. Gelatin can also be used for making homemade hair gel by adding one teaspoon of gelatin to one cup of water. This mixture is kept in refrigerator and applied as normal hair gel.

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