Beauty Tips: How To Apply Cat Eye Makeup

Eye make up can make the whole face look of a person great but if you try some experimentation with it, it can look commendable. One such experiment could be cat eye makeup which is very famous these days.

It adds on to the style and so get ready to follow up this sexy eye make up trend. Here is how you can do cat eye make up with the help of the following tips.

When it comes to eye makeup, there are some choices you have got to make and the most important one is the choice of liner of whether you would want to apply liquid liner or the liner pencil.

While pencil is easy to apply, liquid liner could look bold and hot. Try out applying both of them and see which one looks better on you and then do the selection. Black color is mostly chosen being the safest and common.

Apply primer over the lids. Choose good neutral color shadows and sweet them through the entire eyelids. If you are looking for something more then a shining shadow could be chosen for application. Then apply the liner carefully and neatly.

Keep cotton with you so that you can clear out it out if anything goes wrong.To apply liner is the whole trick to get the cat eyes as it is the centre attraction of the whole look.

Begin applying liner from the inner eye corner and then drag outwards touching the lash line. Make sure you apply a thin line touching lash line. As you reach the end of eyes, turn your brush upwards a bit towards the temple.

The hade line’s length can be increased or decreased with choice. Safe bet would be to go for medium length but you can always increase the length if it suits you. Keep makeup remover with you to correct the line if it doesn’t get drawn properly.

When you are done with liner, apply good amount of mascara for a dramatic look. Fake eye lashes could be used as well. So this is how you can get the cat eye look.