Beauty Tips For Big Noses

Beauty Tips For Big Noses

Beauty Tips For Big Noses When it comes to your face, the nose is a striking feature which people notice. Many people receive appreciation for their perfectly chiseled noses. But there are also many who are troubled by a big nose which completely disfigures their face.

As a remedy to this problem some opt for cosmetic surgery treatments. But in spite of the high expenses that you will have to incur, there is also no guarantee that the final result of the surgery will be a satisfactory one.

Now, if you think that you are out of solutions for hiding your big nose, then you are completely mistaken. There are many makeup methods and hair styles that will help you to effectively camouflage your flaw. Described here are some beauty tips for big noses that will help you to improve your looks without making a hole in your pocket.

Play With Colors

Defining and contouring your nose through proper make up is the first step towards hiding a big nose. This can be done by the effective use of certain colors, which will help to create the impression of a thin nose.

For this purpose, use a white eye shadow starting from the widest portion of your nose and then brush it in small and short strokes till the top of your nostrils. After this step, do apply face powder in a color similar to your skin tone, onto your face sparingly. Finally blend the eye shadow and the face powder in a smooth manner, and you will thus be able to notice a striking difference in the width of your nose.

Another way to create an impression of a thin nose is to choose a liquid foundation which is a few shades darker than that of your skin color. The foundation is to be then applied to each side of the nose in a straight line, up to the nostrils. After this a face powder which is a shade lighter than your normal skin tone is to be applied down the centre of the nose. Blend in the makeup properly to create an illusion of a thin and narrow nose.

Accentuate Your Lips and Eyes

Projecting your lips and eyes with prominent makeup can help in taking away the attention from a big nose. Play up your eyes by using a dark colored eyeliner and mascara. You can also create the impression of big eyes by using fake eye lashes and a dark shade of eye shadow.

The lips can also be colored in attractive and bright colors. You can also use a lip liner to create the impression of fuller lips. But since highlighting both the lips and eyes together can tend to be a bit over the top, it is advised that you concentrate on playing up either one of these features.

Choose a Suitable Hair style

A suitable hairstyle can do wonders for your face and also can help to disguise the feature of a big nose. The basic principle involved here is to avoid short haircuts that will tend to accentuate your nose even more.

Do try out a layered hair cut but avoid keeping bangs at the front. Hair styles which help in keeping the hair back from the face is another option to draw away the attention from a big nose.  Also never keep your hair flat and limp and fluff it up using hair products. Thus by adopting these quick fix measures, you can easily deal with the problem of a big and unflattering nose.

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